There are too many gaps in the modern supply chain.
We aim to bridge them — to make the world more efficient, resilient, and sustainable.
To do so, we've assembled a team of experts in commodities, logistics, and technology.
To meld knowledge.
To lead with context.
To drive positive transformation, together.
Brian O'Kelley
CEO, Co-Founder
Scott Evans
Andrea Aranguren
Andrew Sweeney
CTO, Co-Founder
Anne Coghlan
Head of Product
Kinney Sheth
Head of Design
Kory Farmer
Head of Finance
Patrick McCarthy
Head of Market Development
Kyle McCarter
Head of Services
Ali Cigari
Head of Data Science
Ben Macaskill
Head of Business Development
Erin Masatsugu
Engineering Lead
Matt Duck
Engineering Lead
Michael Freyberger
Engineering Lead
Our Values
These ideas echo through our digital hallways.
They guide how we behave among each other at Waybridge, with our customers and partners, and within society as a whole.
Drive positive transformation.
Lead with context.
Act with agency and responsibility.
Foster connection.
Build trust.
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